Grass Eating

Why do pets eat grass?  Well, there are a few different reasons.   Some dogs and cats love the taste.  Grass contains fiber and some pets find it tasty.  Another reason could simply be boredom.  Stuck in the back yard by himself, your pet may just decide to eat his troubles away.  Are you providing enough exercise for your pet?  Another theory is that grass eating could be a form of self-medication.  If the behavior starts suddenly, then this could be the case and it could be a sign of something a little more serious if the behavior is not typical of your pet.   Whatever the reason, there is no need to panic.  Veterinarians consider grass eating among pets to be normal and as long as there are no harmful pesticides or chemicals on the grass, then your pet should be fine.  To keep your grass eater safe, use only non-toxic products on your lawn and when in public, keep a careful watch of what your pup puts in his mouth.

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