5 things to keep your dogs safe at the beach this summer.

Fun at the beach!


5 things you can do to keep your dog safe at the beach this summer.

We all love taking our dog on vacation with us however, we do need to give some thought to safety. Before I head out on an adventure with my dogs I evaluate whether the destination will be fun and safe for the dogs. There is nothing worst then realizing after you are there that it might have been better for Fito not to make this trip.  I am going to go over the five things to think about before taking a dog to the beach.

1-Is your destination dog-friendly?Check with the hotel and beaches to make sure Fido will not be spending all his time in the hotel room with you feeling bad that he is bored and neither of you has any fun. here are some great online tools that will give you great insight into how dog-friendly your destination is. BringFido.com is a great resource for hotels, restaurants, and events that are dog-friendly. Gopetfriendly.com will help you map out your trip with dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities.

2-Check the temperatures. How hot will it be during your stay? Many dogs do not do well in warm temperatures be careful when taking short muzzled breeds such as English bulldogs, Boston Terriers, boxers, pugs because they overheat more quickly than long-snouted dogs. Use Weather.com or local weather apps to see what the weather will be before you head to the beach.

Watch for signs of overheating:

  • Excessive or rapid panting and drooling
  • Coordination problems
  • vomiting or diarrhea
  • Collapse / Lo9ss of consciousness

All dogs need plenty of fresh cool water ( not salty ocean water) and a place retreat under a beach umbrella or a tree. and remember the sand is hot and can scorch sensitive paws, so a blanket or towel for your dog to lay on is a must.

3-Can your dog swim? Not all dogs can or like to swim. If Fido is not a swimmer and does not like the water it may be hard to keep him cool, in this case maybe a trip to the mountains would be a better choice.

Even if Fido loves the water make sure to use a life jacket designed for dogs. We like the Ruffwear K9 Float Coat life jacket. This life vest as a convent handle on the top to make it easy to grab your dog if he is going too far out or gets picked up by a current.

4-Follow the beach rules, these are usually posted on dog-friendly beaches. The rules are different at each beach and can be different at different times of the year. Use  Bringfido to get a quick look at the rules for your beach destination. Some beach only allows dogs on the beach between certain hours or have you keep your dog leashed. Some beaches also off leash as long as the dog is under voice control. Bring lots of poop bags to pick up after Fido and make sure you fill in any holes he may dig.

5-Bring sunblock for your dog. Short-coated dogs, light colored and dogs with short summer haircut can sunburn the same as we humans.

Buy a sunscreen made for dogs. You can find these at local pet stores or online. Do not use sunscreens that contain zink because that can be toxic to dogs if ingested and avoid sunscreens that contain any kind of fragrance.

Don’t skimp on the ears and nose and anywhere else that receives direct sunlight. Reapply after swimming.

One more thing to think about is your dog’s training especially his recall if you are going to let him/her off leash. You may want to brush up on his recall before heading out. Letting your dog off leash is a big responsibility and to keep Fido safe you must be able to call him back to you.

Don’t Forget

If you decided this may not be the best vacation for  Fido Gwinnett Pet Watchers is always here to help with pet care. Fido can stay home and one of our sitters will come to your home and give Fido one on one attention and he can have a staycation,!