Cats and Cat Fountains

This past August, my cat Gaston had a terrible UTI that almost took his life. Since then, I have done everything I can to make sure both my cats get the necessary intake of water that they need. So far, the cat fountain has been our saving grace.


Cats like the smell of fresh water and with a fountain, they get the constant smell of running, fresh water, as many fountains have a built in filtration system that keeps it from getting stale. A fountain might be a good fit for you and your kitty if you notice your cat likes to drink from sinks or splashes the water in their bowl.

From a $20 fountain to ones that cost $100 plus, there are all sorts of different fountains that meet anyone’s price range. The only con that I have found in have a fountain is the cleaning obviously tends to be a little bit more rigorous than a standard bowl. However, with all the health benefits that it has brought to my furry family, it tends to be worth it!

Written by Samantha R

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