Gwinnett County Parks

Hi! I’m Robin and for those who don’t know me, I’m the owner of Gwinnett Pet Watchers. When I am not taking care of your pets, you can typically find my own dogs and I at one of Gwinnett County Parks. I’ve had several people ask what park we like best, so I will be covering all the great parks we have in our area to give you an idea what the county has to offer!

Rabbit Hill Park is located at 400 Rabbit Hill Rd, Dacula Ga 30019 and is at the cross roads of Rabbit Hill Rd and Hurricane Shoals Rd . You can also get to the park using Fence Rd.

Rabbit Hill Park has wonderful paths for walking or running. Also, they have a few youth soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, a playground, pavilions, and several restrooms. The park has three different dog parks to suit your needs. One is for all dogs, one for larger dogs, and the last is for the small dogs. Inside the dog park areas there are dog friendly fountains and some agility play activities. It’s a great park for your whole family to enjoy!

My crew loves to walk the trails and play in the dog park here. The people who use the dog park, for the most part, are very responsible owners who pay close attention to their pet(s) and calm things down when the pups get rambunctious. Owners also tend to be very good about picking up after their pets which unfortunately isn’t the case at all dog parks.

Some of you may know that I have a young German Shepherd, Gabby, who loves the dog park! She especially loves Rabbit Hill since she has lots of friends to play with and there is even a group of German Shepherds and their owners that get together there. They even have their own Facebook page called the German Shepherd club of Rabbit Hill. How fun is that?!

Not only is this park close to my dogs and I, it’s definitely one of our favorites! Please let me know if this is helpful and what park you would like us to visit next.
If you are new to the dog park experience I suggest you read a great article from The Bark; Behavior; Dog Park Tips. When you know what to expect it will be a great experience for you and your best friend.

left to right; Lucy, Jake, Gabby, George

left to right; Lucy, Jake, Gabby, George

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Rabbit Hill Park

Gwinnett County Parks: Rabbit Hill Park

400 Rabbit Hill Road, Dacula 30019

Near downtown Dacula, you will find Rabbit Hill Park. The 107-acre park has a special fenced in area just for dogs, which is a relatively new addition. The Dacula Dog Park includes areas for small, medium and large dogs to play with their peers and enjoy a fun filled day outdoors.

Each area includes recreational equipment for the animals and dog water fountains. You will find that most of the animals here are social and well behaved. Dacula is a great community in Gwinnett County and parents here are friendly and respectful. Rabbit Hill Park is a great all-around family park for grownups, kids and pets alike.

Settles Bridge Park

Gwinnett County Parks: Settles Bridge Park
380 Johnson Road, Suwanee 30024
Settles Bridge Park is one of our favorite parks in Gwinnett County. Located in the city of Suwanee, this large park is more than 250 acres and boasts a great dog park with play areas for large and small animals. You will even find agility equipment for your doggie to jump around and have some real fun on. Convenient water fountains make getting a drink easy for your pup and is a nice convenience for owners who won’t have to worry about bringing water along.
If your dog is the social type, head over in the evenings or during the weekend when you’ll find a good crowd. Daytime on weekdays the park is the quietest, so if you have a new puppy or a timid canine, this may be a better time for you to test the water. Whenever you choose to go, you will find that Settles Bridge Park is a great destination for Gwinnett County residents and their pups to have some fun in the sun this summer.

Lenora Park

Gwinnett County Parks: Lenora Park
4515 Lenora Church Road, Snellville 30058
Lenora Park is 178 acres of recreation and fun in Snellville and one of our favorite dog parks in Gwinnett County. Lots of open space, fenced in for safety, and separated in to two areas, one for large dogs and one for small. There is also a dog run area separated from the play areas, which is a great addition. The majority of owners at Lenora Park are friendly and responsible, always keeping an eye on their pet, but I caution owners to be cautious and stay alert no matter which dog park they are at.
As we all know, Gwinnett County can get warm in the summer and since Lenora Park is a lot of wide-open land and not a lot of shade, be sure to bring water for both you and your dog. You will also want to take along some pickup bags, since they are not provided for you at the park.