When you see a dog left in a hot car…

During the summer months, some people seem to think it is ok to leave their dog in the car when they run in the store, bank, etc.  Even in the shade, the temperature inside a vehicle can climb to a very dangerous level.  Sadly, dogs and children die in hot cars every single year and this is totally preventable.  Some tips for what you can do if you see an animal left inside a vehicle are to approach the owner (if they are around) and let them know that it is simply too hot for anyone to be left in a car.  Animals do not tolerate hot cars any better than people do, contrary to what some people believe.  If the owner is not around, you can go into the store and speak to the manager to possibly make an announcement.  If that fails, the next thing to do would be to call animal control.  In my opinion, I would do that immediately for the dog’s own safety.  I have even heard of people breaking a window if the dog is in immediate distress.  That is a more drastic measure, but when it is a matter of life and death, it is definitely an option.  If you want to take your pet for a ride during the summer months, go to a pet friendly store where the dog can come in with you or use the drive thru.  We at Gwinnett Pet Watchers love to take our dogs for a doggie ice cream in the drive thru and our dogs are equally as happy to receive the gift!

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