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Traveling with Pets

Traveling with Pets by: Emily Griffith             Vacation time can be one of the more enjoyable experiences in life, but not all who travel are worry-free. Chances are, if you travel, you either hire pet care professionals to stay with your animals while you are away or you are forced to take them. Personally, I […]

Best Life Hacks: Pet Edition

Best Life Hacks: Pet Edition By: Emily Griffith We all have that one friend who functions as the MacGyver of your circle. You call this person for substitutes when you run out of milk in recipes. You text them to help with kids’ science fair projects. They just know everything! Thanks to the emerging geniuses […]

Pets 911: How Prepared Are You?

Pet 911: How Prepared Are You? Many of us are well prepared for a small personal emergency or disaster. Daily emergencies such as fixing a flat tire and even choking hazards can make or break you and potentially change the rest of your life. Take a moment and recall what plans you may have in […]

Is Heartworm Prevention Enough?

Is Heartworm Prevention Enough? By: Emily Griffith, GPW (2016) We are all familiar with your run-of-the-mill ailments for pets: hip dysplasia, heartworm, fleas and ticks. But, could there potentially be another hidden danger that is growing quickly in commonality? It turns out, the answer is yes. Whip worm is something I had no idea even […]


Have you thought about getting a Beagle? Do you have one? Beagles are scent hounds that were bred primarily for small game. Because of this, it’s best to keep your Beagle in a fenced in yard because even the most obedient Beagle will take off when they catch a scent! Beagles are passive and forgiving […]


I must admit, when I hear that we have a new chihuahua client, my first question is are they friendly?  Chihuahuas can be little pistols, but they can also be sweetie pies.  They are great companions and are fearless, brave, and extremely lively.  They need a firm owner or they may be strong-willed without proper […]

Looking for a breed that doesn’t shed?

Many prospective pet owners want to know about the level of shedding when deciding on what breed to choose.  Whether it be someone in the home that has allergies or a house keeping issue, it is definitely good to know how much hair you will be dealing with.  There is no such thing as a […]

The Heat and Your Pet

The Heat and Your Pet   With summer just starting and the heat not giving up you don’t want to spend your days on the hot pavement in the sweltering sun, right? Of course not and neither does your pet. Here are some tips to keeping your pet cool when the temps are up.   […]

Cats and Cat Fountains

This past August, my cat Gaston had a terrible UTI that almost took his life. Since then, I have done everything I can to make sure both my cats get the necessary intake of water that they need. So far, the cat fountain has been our saving grace.   Cats like the smell of fresh […]

The Boston Terrier

Are you looking for a big dog in a small dog’s body?  The boston terrier may be your pick.  Originating in the United States, the breed is nicknamed the “American Gentleman” for its tuxedo patterned coloring and its refined and pleasant personality.  He is a compact little guy, with erect ears and a slick coat […]