Have you heard of the cable channel dedicated to entertaining your dogs while you are away from home?  It is called DOGTV and according to the network’s creators, their research has proven that it really does appeal to dogs.  The theory makes sense…you are at home on a quiet night with your dog curled up next to you on the couch watching tv, when something peaks your pup’s interest.  They get up, get close to the television and stare at the screen.  Why not create a 24 hour channel with things like bouncing balls, dogs playing at the park together, and grassy fields that your canine friend can enjoy?  The channel offers three to six minute segments with sights and sounds that your dog will love.  Pair this with a favorite bone or chew toy and you will have entertainment for hours.  The channel started out in California, but is now available right here in Lawrenceville, Buford, and all of Gwinnett County through DirecTV or online.

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