Does your dog scarf down his food?

Sometimes dogs so things very fast…puppies grow up fast, dogs run fast, play fast, and wag their tails fast.  Some dogs even eat fast, which is not something that we, as pet owners, want them to do.  The risk of eating too fast is that they can suffer from bloat.  Bloat is when speedy eating and gulping cause excessive amounts of air, food, and liquid to fill the stomach and it blows up like a balloon.  The result is a trip to the vet and about 25-40% of dogs do not survive.  Luckily, pet owners have an easy solution for their pets ravenous eating.  It’s called the slow feeder dog bowl.  There are many different brands, but they all do the trick.  We, at Gwinnett Pet Watchers, have many clients that use these bowls for their dogs and they work great and save lives.  Do not take any chances if your dog is a rapid eater.  Go get yourself (and your pet) the slow feeder dog bowl!

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