Kyjen Invicibles Dog Toy

Kyjen is a major manufacturer in the pet industry, with cool, innovative products.  It seems they’re always trying to come up with fresh new ideas, and ways to make the old toys better.  How tough can a plush toy get? Some dogs can’t have plush toys. Ever. I’ve had those dogs. Others need a tough one, and those are the dogs that these toys are made for.  The newest versions of Invincibles contain reinforced, double-layered seams and Dura Tuff lining material. On the inside, the toys are stuffing-less, filled only with their patented squeakers that continue to squeak even after being punctured. Sure, no toy is tough enough to endure the most aggressive chewer. Some dogs just can’t have plush toys. But some dogs can have Invincibles, even if they can’t have regular plush toys. And that’s good news for enthusiastic or big dogs.  Even when dogs manage to tear through the double-layered seams and Dura-Tuff™ liner, the mess is minimal thanks to their stuffing-free design. Invincibles® squeakers are specially designed to continue to squeak even after being punctured—a feature that prolongs the fun for furry friends. They are available in a variety of snake and gecko characters, and range in size from two to six squeakers.  Kyjen’s line of Invincibles retails between $10 and $20. Not cheap for a dog toy. But not expensive, either, especially when you consider how long they last.  After researching this product, I cannot wait to try it out on my own dogs.  Update on that coming soon!

Pet Boutique and Bakery in Suwanee

Has anyone been to Pooch N Paws Pet Boutique and Bakery in the Suwanee?  It is located in the Suwanee Town Center Square.  It is a fun place for pets and their owners to shop that is personalized and unique while supporting and giving back to the community.  They have a wide variety of premium pet food and treats.  I have shopped there before and they have a huge selection of bakery items that all of my dogs thoroughly enjoyed.  They also offer spa services including baths, haircuts, nail trimming, and polish.  Another cool feature of this place is that they have a self serve dog wash where you can bring your dog in and do it yourself, without the clean up.  They are also dog friendly, of course, so you can bring your pooch shopping with you so they can pick out their own treats!  It is a family owned business that has been open since 2010, so they are very knowledgeable and well established.  I highly recommend checking this place out.  I give it four paws up!!!

All About Cat Toys

There are two types of cat toys, interactive and solo.  The interactive toys are typically based on a fishing pole design or they may have a wand with a long piece of fabric on the end. These toys require the owner’s participation to provide movement. Solo toys are the typical fuzzy mice, squeaky balls, puzzle feeders, milk jug rings and other small play objects that the cat usually bats around on her own.  For safety reasons, the fishing pole toys should never be left alone with you feline  because the cat could chew on the strings or get tangled up in them. In addition to the safety factor, you also want to keep them put away in-between play sessions in order to maximize their appeal. If the cat knows her time with them is limited, they will be much more enticing. When an interactive toy is special to the cat, it gives you the added opportunity to use that play session for not only fun, but for behavior modification as well. Through an interactive play session you can help diffuse tension in a multicat home, redirect a cat away from an unwanted behavior, ease boredom, provide much needed environmental stimulation and so much more.  If you want to have toys last longer mentally and physically, rotate the toys out instead of having a million of them lying all over the house.  Placement is also important in keeping toys exciting. Instead of tossing a few toys out into the center of the room, strategically place them where they will spark your cat’s play drive. Place a fuzzy mouse on the edge of a cat perch with its tail dangling over the side. Put a crinkly ball inside an open paper bag or in an empty tissue box. Put a straw on the kitchen floor where it’ll be easy to bat around whenever the cat comes in to get a drink from his water bowl. Fill some puzzle feeders and place them around your cat’s play area.  A combination of these thing will keep your cats happy all day!

How to Choose a Dog Walker

How do you choose a dog walker?  What a great question.  Well, like any business, not all dog walkers are the same.  Everyone does business differently and some are more qualified and more experienced than others.  You and your dog may have a better connection with one more than others.  Before signing on the dotted line, here are some steps to follow for finding the right person.  The best way to start is by word of mouth and referral.  Talk to your friends, coworkers, people at the dog park, and other animal lovers.  Look up their suggestions on Kudzu and Yelp and see what their ratings and reviews look like.  Also, talk to people you trust in the animal field, your groomer, your vet, or pet food store employees.  If you still can’t decide or you want to check out some of your referrals, you can always go to the local parks to observe dog walkers.  If you are really dedicated to finding the best dog walker, you can head out on rainy days to see which dog walkers actually walk the dogs and which ones sit in their car smoking giving the dogs not a walk, but a good dose of secondary smoke inhalation.  Luckily, just by reading this blog, you have taken the right step in finding a great pet sitter for your beloved animals, Gwinnett Pet Watchers!  We fit the bill in all of these categories and have the ratings to prove it!

Homemade Dog Toy Ideas

Tired of buying expensive dog toys that only last your pup for about 30 minutes?  Learn to make better and cheaper dog toys at home that your dog will enjoy even more than store bought ones.  It is important to only use safe materials when making toys.  Items such as buttons and strings can easily come off and be a choking hazard to your pet.  One idea for a toy is a fleece pull toy.  All you need is three long strips of thick fleece.  Tie the strips together at the end in one big knot.  Then braid the strips and tie a knot at the opposite end.  This is a safe and fun toy for your dog.  You can also make pull toys out of old pairs of jean.  Cut the legs off of a pair of jeans and tie some knots in them.  Burn the edges of the jeans to prevent strings from coming off and fraying.  You can also make tennis ball toys.  Take a clean sock and put a tennis ball in it. Make sure it goes all the way to the toe and tie a knot in the middle of the sock.  You can use then end opposite of the ball to sling it across the room and your dogs will love to chase it.  Another idea for a ball toy is to cut a slit into opposite sides of a tennis ball.  Fish a rope through one hole and out the other and tie a knot at each end.  This is another great toy to throw for your pooch.  After making toys for your own pet, consider making some for your local humane society or shelter.  Those pets will appreciate your creations too!

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Gwinnett County

Looking for a place to dine with your dog in Gwinnett County?  Well, there are several places in the area where you can share a meal with your pooch.  If you are looking for a sweet treat, Bruster’s Real ice cream has several locations in the area that offer pet friendly seating.  They also have special “doggy ice cream” treats for you pet.  There are locations in Duluth, Norcross, Lawrenceville, Dacula, Grayson, and Suwanee.  If you are in the Snellville area, Panera Bread and Fratelli’s Pizza both offer a dog friendly patio.  The 1910 Public House in Lilburn offers a dog friendly patio with a dog loving staff.  They even have a greyhound as their mascot.  If you are in the Norcross area, Loving Hut, a vegan restaurant, and and Iron Horse Tavern offer pet friendly seating.  The Iron Horse Tavern also sponsors a doggie meet and greet each summer.  Chipotle Mexican Grill in Duluth and Five Guys Burgers in Suwanee both offer pet friendly seating.  Rising Roll Gourmet in Lawrenceville has fast sandwich service and a water bowl on their patio just for your pups.  Ray’s New Pizza in Buford has a fun atmosphere and loves pups on their patio.  With all of these places to choose from, you can dine with your pup every day of the week.  I am quite sure your canine friend would enjoy it just as much as you!


Are you looking for a safe and indestructible toy for your rugged dog?  There is a company called Goughnuts that has paired these two important qualities together into toys in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  Each Goughnuts toy has a patent pending visual safety indicator in its design where green means “go” and red means “stop.”  The company recommends getting a toy big enough for your dog’s mouth.  The toys are nearly indestructible, floatable, cleanable, rollable, chewable, and recyclable, according to the company.  Being a pet sitter with Gwinnett Pet Watchers, I cannot tell you how many times we walk in to a home and a dog has shredded and torn up toys all over the house because their parents are not at home.  There is stuffing everywhere and the scariest part is wondering what the dog has actually consumed that could be dangerous for them.  What is great about the Goughnuts toys is that the company offers a guarantee on all of its products.  If your dog chews through the outer layer and into the red “stop” area, you take the toy away, mail it back to the company, and they actually replace it.  That sounds like a deal to me.  I have a boston terrier that chews all of his toys to pieces and I am definitely going to check this product out for him.

Laser Pointers-A great way to exercise your pets on a rainy day

Laser pointers can be a great way for dogs and cats to get exercise on days of inclement weather.  Many dogs and cats love to chase the little red dot around the room.  Even the laziest animals will get up for the laser pointer.  There are a few things to remember when using safety practices with the laser around your pets.  First, make sure the laser is not too powerful and can accidentally damage your pet.  According to the FDA, the highest power acceptable to use around animals is 10 milliwatts.  Also, never shine the laser in your pets eyes.  Another idea to think about during play is to use a real toy that can be caught in conjunction with the laser pointer.  Animals may get frustrated because they cannot physically ever catch the laser, so it is important to give them something that is real and they can have as a prize at the end of the game.  Also, you may hide treats in nooks and crannies and end the laser in those locations and your pet ends up with a goodie as well.  Some dogs may get overstimulated and laser pointers may not be such a great idea for them, while other pets may not care a lick in the world about it.  Each pet is different and all you can do is see what your individual animal likes.  As a pet sitter, I have several clients with Gwinnett Pet Watchers that love the laser pointer.  Not only is it entertainment for the pets, but it is fun for us to watch as well!

Doge Glow

So, I was browsing online for dog products and came across a product called Doge Glow that seemed pretty cool.  The product comes in collars, harnesses, and leashes and feature LED lights that can be set on a steady or flashing mode.  These lights are very useful for safety reasons and the lights can be seen from 1000 feet away.  During the day, the gear can be turned off and the patterns still look fashionable without being lit up.  The products are weather resistant, so are perfect for people that get outside in rain or shine.  They run on batteries, so there are no cords or tangle to deal with.  I think this would be a great product for us at Gwinnett Pet Watchers to use at night or in the wee hours of the morning when we are doing our dog walks.  You wouldn’t be able to miss us!

Does your dog scarf down his food?

Sometimes dogs so things very fast…puppies grow up fast, dogs run fast, play fast, and wag their tails fast.  Some dogs even eat fast, which is not something that we, as pet owners, want them to do.  The risk of eating too fast is that they can suffer from bloat.  Bloat is when speedy eating and gulping cause excessive amounts of air, food, and liquid to fill the stomach and it blows up like a balloon.  The result is a trip to the vet and about 25-40% of dogs do not survive.  Luckily, pet owners have an easy solution for their pets ravenous eating.  It’s called the slow feeder dog bowl.  There are many different brands, but they all do the trick.  We, at Gwinnett Pet Watchers, have many clients that use these bowls for their dogs and they work great and save lives.  Do not take any chances if your dog is a rapid eater.  Go get yourself (and your pet) the slow feeder dog bowl!