By: Gemma A.

If you’re looking for a loyal, loving, and elegant companion, let me introduce you to the retired racing
Greyhound. These long legged, ‘needle nosed’ dogs are well known for their gentle nature and soulful

From the farm where they are born to the race tracks where they demonstrate their incredible speed,
Greyhounds have a unique upbringing that results in a well adjusted, well socialized dog. These
beautiful creatures are used to being handled by people and have lived with other Greyhounds from the
moment of their birth. This is credited with producing the sweet, friendly nature that Greyhound owners know and love. It also means that, by the time a Greyhound retires from their athletic career, they are
already well socialized companions.

Many people think that such athletic dogs are high energy. In fact, Greyhounds are known for being
quite the opposite! As sprinters, they are used to one short burst of activity, followed by long periods of
rest. In fact, Greyhounds are often called the ’45mph couch potatoes’ in reference to their top speed and
ability to sleep the day away! It’s also believed that, due to their natural prey drive (due to their original role as hunting dogs), Greyhounds are not good with cats or small dogs. To the contrary, many Greyhounds live happily with other animals and prove to be very gentle with the smaller creatures in their household.

Due to their speed and love of running, a Greyhound should never be allowed off leash in an un-fenced
area. If you have a fenced in yard or are committed to walking your new friend on a leash, you will
have no problems. Greyhounds make excellent walking and hiking companions, and are a delight to
take out and about due to their sweet and inquisitive nature. You’ll find yourself stopped by many
curious people who want to ask you about the elegant dog at your side!

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The Labradoodle

The Labradoodle became a known crossbreed in 1988, when an Australian breeder by the name of Wally Conron crossed the Labrador and a Standard Poodle in Victoria, Australia for the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia. Conron combined these breeds due to the low-shedding coat of the Poodle and the gentleness and train-ability of the Lab so he could provide guide dogs to those with fur and dander allergies. Since then the Labradoodle has become a popular crossbreed for guide dogs, training purposes, and they make a wonderful family pet.

The Labradoodle is a crossbreed and not a breed, making it so the puppies do not have consistently predictable personalities or characteristics. Because of this, Labradoodles’ hair can be anywhere from wiry to soft, and may be straight, wavy, or curly. Those Labradoodles with straight coats are said to have “hair”, the wavy-coated dogs have “fleece” coats, and finally, the curly-coated pups have a “wool” coats. Labradoodles do shed, but the coat usually sheds less and doesn’t have the dog odor that is commonly found in Labs.

Grooming Labradoodles usually depends on what the owner prefers. Some are kept with short coats, others natural and curly. Although, it is recommended to take your pup to the groomers every 2-3 months for a bath and a trim to keep the coat fluffy and detangled.

Do you have a Labradoodle? What is their personalities like? Let us know!




The Dachshund, or more commonly known as the “Weiner Dog” is long but short-legged dog that was originally bred to find badgers, rabbits, and prairie dogs who is part of the hound group. The name Dachshund means, “badger dog” and currently, the Dachshund is on the top 10 dog breeds in the United States, according to the AKC. Now, they are primarily family dogs, being great with children. They are mostly popular amongst those who live in apartments, ranking in the top 100 for dogs living in major US cities. Do you have a Dachshund? Send us your little ones pictures!


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Have you thought about getting a Beagle? Do you have one? Beagles are scent hounds that were bred primarily for small game. Because of this, it’s best to keep your Beagle in a fenced in yard because even the most obedient Beagle will take off when they catch a scent! Beagles are passive and forgiving dogs, gentle and playful – a perfect pet for families with children! Beagles are prone to weight gain since they are one of the only breeds to eat themselves to death. But, don’t let the dissuade you! They love to play and exercise and they love to love! They are pack animals, which makes them prone to separation anxiety but never fear! That’s where Gwinnett Pet Watchers come in! We can help their anxiety with daily visits or when you’re out on vacation!

Written by: Samantha Roberts

The Boston Terrier

Are you looking for a big dog in a small dog’s body?  The boston terrier may be your pick.  Originating in the United States, the breed is nicknamed the “American Gentleman” for its tuxedo patterned coloring and its refined and pleasant personality.  He is a compact little guy, with erect ears and a slick coat and short tail weighing between 15 and 25 pounds.  They are generally happy-go-lucky and eager to please, given a patient owner.  They can be protective which can lead to aggression towards people and other animals, if not properly socialized.  They require very minimal grooming.  Many bostons cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold temperatures due to their very short snout, known as Brachycephalic dogs.  This characteristic makes them more prone to snoring and reverse sneezing.  Boston terriers are usually rather quiet dogs and only bark when necessary.  This makes them perfect for apartment dwellers.  They typically enjoy being around people and are usually good with children, elderly, and other pets.  Some common health problems are cataracts and other eye problems, luxating patella in their legs, deafness, heart murmurs, and tumors.  I can personally vouch for the breed because I have owned one myself for six years now.  My beloved Higgins is a wonderful family dog and the whole family adores him.  I highly recommend the breed to anyone that wants a tough little dog that can run with the big boys!

Gwinnett County Animal Shelter

Looking to adopt or rescue a new pet?  Check out the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter, located at 884 Winder Highway in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  They have many cats and dogs of all sizes and ages available for adoption.  The animal shelter takes in about 15,000 animals every year, so there are more than plenty to choose from.  Only about one third of these animals get out safely from the shelter.  The shelter receives an unusual amount of purebred dogs, so instead of going to a breeder, it is a wonderful option to adopt and save a life.  The shelter offers many resources for you when you are looking to adopt.  They can give you advice on pet care, specific breed information, choosing the right pet, and tips to help make a new pet adjust to your home environment.  The shelter has a web site with pictures and descriptions of the dogs and cats available for adoption.  You can look online or go to the actual shelter during their business hours to interact with pets.  I have rescued several animals and the feeling is very rewarding to save a life.  Many animals have no issues and just want a home to call their own and to be loved : )

German Shepherds

Looking for a breed that is clever, courageous, faithful and fearless?  The german shepherd may be your pup of choice.  They are very muscular and strong, obedient, and ready to learn.  They have been known to give their lives for their humans and are a very loyal breed.  They love their families, but can be wary of strangers.  They should not be left alone for long periods of time and need to be around their people.  They are usually not big barkers, unless they find it necessary, but they can be whiners!  They do require a strong handler and training from an early age or they may get skittish and definitely need socialization.  They love to have “jobs” and do great as working dogs in the police force, guide dogs, tracking, or security positions.  They are not couch potatoes and if they are left to sit around in the house or locked in a back yard, may become very destructive and out of control.  German shepherds are heavy shedders and shed year round.  Some of the common ailments and diseases that can affect the breed are hip and elbow dysplasia, blood disorders, digestive problems, bloat, epilepsy, and flea allergies.  Our own Gwinnett Pet Watchers, Robin, just rescued a german shepherd puppy and she is a love!  If you want an active and protective pup, then they would be a wonderful choice.

Border Collies

The border collie is a highly intelligent breed that just happens to be a favorite of Robin, here at Gwinnett Pet Watchers.  They are definitely not for the lazy owner, and require considerable daily exercise and mental stimulation.  They are a working breed used for herding livestock and to be a house pet, definitely require entertainment.  They can become neurotic in households that do not provide them with enough exercise.  They are infamous for chewing on furniture, digging holes, and their herding behavior with other animals or children in the household may be unsuitable for an inactive household.  With plenty of activities and a creative owner, they are wonderful and loyal dogs.  There are many rescues for the breed and can be a wonderful rescue pet.  They have beautiful coats that come in many different colors.  They do shed, and regular brushing is recommended.  Border collies have an average lifespan of twelve years.  Some of the common health problems that affect the breed are epilepsy, hip dysplasia, eye problems, and hearing loss.  Robin loves to take her pack hiking in the woods, to the lake, and plays various activities with them.  They love to play ball, do treat puzzles, and love the companionship of each other as well.

Looking for a small, sturdy dog…

The jack russell terrier may be the dog for you if small and sturdy is your goal.  They are highly intelligent and trainable to do a wide array of tricks.  For this reason, they are often seen on tv shows and movies.  The breed is cheerful, loving, and absolutely fearless.  They need a very firm owner or they may walk all over you.  They do require lots of exercise and may become aggressive or destructive if enough energy is not expelled daily.  They can be suitable for apartment life if properly exercised, but do best in a home with a large yard where they can run around.  They do not have many health problems, but common ones include eye disease, deafness, and dislocation of knee caps.  The breed requires little grooming, only combing and brushing; bathing when necessary.  Jack russell terriers have been used to hunt small game, especially fox and they are considered a working breed.  They are also great at agility.  They are definitely for an active owner and are not couch potatoes.  They have a life expectancy of 15 or more years.  We have several clients with jack russells at Gwinnett Pet Watchers.  My personal opinion is that they are very fun and active dogs and I really enjoy spending time with them.