Looking for a breed that doesn’t shed?

Many prospective pet owners want to know about the level of shedding when deciding on what breed to choose.  Whether it be someone in the home that has allergies or a house keeping issue, it is definitely good to know how much hair you will be dealing with.  There is no such thing as a completely non-shedding dog.  All dogs shed at least a little hair at one time or another.  There are, however, dogs that shed little amounts of hair and would be a better choice for someone with allergies or people that do not want to do a lot of clean up in their house.  I am going to list some of the breeds that are low shedders.

1. Bichon Frise

2. Brussels Griffon

3. Chinese Crested

4. Italian Greyhound

5. Havanese

6. West Highland Terrier

7. Poodle…or any hybrid breed of the poodle

8. Portuguese Water Dog

9. Maltese

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Non shedding dogs have become more popular than ever and I am pretty sure the cross breeding has been tried with most breeds to have the combination of the perfect dog.  In my eyes, with a dog, comes hair!  I do choose breeds that have short hair myself because they are easier to maintain and do not require and extreme amount of grooming.  What ever the breed you choose, stick with something that makes you happy!  Everyone has a personal preference and if we were all the same, we would not have so many colorful pups to take care of at Gwinnett Pet Watchers!