Homemade Dog Toy Ideas

Tired of buying expensive dog toys that only last your pup for about 30 minutes?  Learn to make better and cheaper dog toys at home that your dog will enjoy even more than store bought ones.  It is important to only use safe materials when making toys.  Items such as buttons and strings can easily come off and be a choking hazard to your pet.  One idea for a toy is a fleece pull toy.  All you need is three long strips of thick fleece.  Tie the strips together at the end in one big knot.  Then braid the strips and tie a knot at the opposite end.  This is a safe and fun toy for your dog.  You can also make pull toys out of old pairs of jean.  Cut the legs off of a pair of jeans and tie some knots in them.  Burn the edges of the jeans to prevent strings from coming off and fraying.  You can also make tennis ball toys.  Take a clean sock and put a tennis ball in it. Make sure it goes all the way to the toe and tie a knot in the middle of the sock.  You can use then end opposite of the ball to sling it across the room and your dogs will love to chase it.  Another idea for a ball toy is to cut a slit into opposite sides of a tennis ball.  Fish a rope through one hole and out the other and tie a knot at each end.  This is another great toy to throw for your pooch.  After making toys for your own pet, consider making some for your local humane society or shelter.  Those pets will appreciate your creations too!


Are you looking for a safe and indestructible toy for your rugged dog?  There is a company called Goughnuts that has paired these two important qualities together into toys in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  Each Goughnuts toy has a patent pending visual safety indicator in its design where green means “go” and red means “stop.”  The company recommends getting a toy big enough for your dog’s mouth.  The toys are nearly indestructible, floatable, cleanable, rollable, chewable, and recyclable, according to the company.  Being a pet sitter with Gwinnett Pet Watchers, I cannot tell you how many times we walk in to a home and a dog has shredded and torn up toys all over the house because their parents are not at home.  There is stuffing everywhere and the scariest part is wondering what the dog has actually consumed that could be dangerous for them.  What is great about the Goughnuts toys is that the company offers a guarantee on all of its products.  If your dog chews through the outer layer and into the red “stop” area, you take the toy away, mail it back to the company, and they actually replace it.  That sounds like a deal to me.  I have a boston terrier that chews all of his toys to pieces and I am definitely going to check this product out for him.