Doge Glow

So, I was browsing online for dog products and came across a product called Doge Glow that seemed pretty cool.  The product comes in collars, harnesses, and leashes and feature LED lights that can be set on a steady or flashing mode.  These lights are very useful for safety reasons and the lights can be seen from 1000 feet away.  During the day, the gear can be turned off and the patterns still look fashionable without being lit up.  The products are weather resistant, so are perfect for people that get outside in rain or shine.  They run on batteries, so there are no cords or tangle to deal with.  I think this would be a great product for us at Gwinnett Pet Watchers to use at night or in the wee hours of the morning when we are doing our dog walks.  You wouldn’t be able to miss us!