Puppy Boot Camp :Potty Training


New Puppy Boot Camp: Potty Training

Introducing your new puppy to potty training can be a frustrating and grueling task but with patience and consistency you will succeed. In this post I will describe ways to make potty training easier for both you and your pup.

Eliminate the Possibility of Accidentspuppy white background

Accidents are inevitable but there are a few things you can do to lessen their likeliness of happening.

  • Keep a constant routine. Make feeding time and potty breaks the same time each day. Eating at the same time each day will usually mean needing to go out at the same time too. Scheduled potty breaks can also teach your pup that they can rely on you to let them out and they won’t need to resort to going inside.
  • Take away water in the evening so that your pup doesn’t need to go out during the night.
  • Clean up soiled surfaces. Pups are likely to return to the same spot, especially if a residue or scent remains. Invest in carpet cleaner to get out tricky stains.

Praising & Scolding

  • When your puppy goes to the bathroom outside make sure you immediately respond with praise, whether in the form of cheer or a treat. This reaction lets your pup know that he or she has done something good and that this good thing makes you happy (and might even result in a yummy snack). Be consistent with your potty praise so that your pet associates one with the other.
  • Scolding when your pup goes to the bathroom indoors is necessary but needs to be done right. If you come home to an accident, it’s too late. Your pup will unlikely connect your anger with the accident. However, if you catch your pet in the act, it is wise to quickly interrupt them by distracting them (speaking loudly works) and then instantly taking them outside so they can continue. Once they have finished outside it is then appropriate to praise as usual to signal that the change in behavior was good and appreciated.puppy potty training bells

While You’re Away

Pups under a year old need a little more TLC than older dogs. A young puppy will need to go to the bathroom every couple of hours so if you have a fulltime job or expect to be out of the house for a long period of time, it is best to have someone let your pup out for you during the first year.

At Gwinnett Pet Watchers we offer an affordable service called Potty Breaks. Monday through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. you are able to call on us to let your pup out for a quick ten-minute break. Call us at (404) 819-3641 or send us a message if you’re interested in learning more about this service.