Holiday Pet Safety

With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July right around the corner, I wanted to suggest some safety tips for keeping pets safe.  A lot of pets are scared of loud noises such as fireworks, and some are even petrified and can really hurt themselves if we don’t protect them.  One suggestion I have is to desensitize your pets.  You can do this by playing a cd with loud noises and sounds or even actual fireworks through out the weeks leading up to the holiday and most pets will get used to these noises and not be affected during the holiday.  I had to desensitize my dogs when I was pregnant because they had never been around children.  There is a wonderful cd out called “Preparing Fido” and I have also recommended it to several Gwinnett Pet Watchers clients who are bringing a new bundle in to their family.  These cds can also work for pets that are scared of thunder storms as well.  Another suggestion I have is to keep your pets in a safe, indoor place during the holidays.  Pets that are outdoors can really hurt themselves by trying to “get away” from the noises and can also end up very far from home.  It is very important to keep them contained in a safe place where they cannot get hurt.  Lastly, I would suggest if at all possible to be with your pet during these times.  Your pet needs you to comfort him and if you are there, their anxiety level is usually a lot more under control.  The next best thing to you, would be us!  You can also hire a pet sitter to stay with your pet so you can have some holiday fun!

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