Trimming your dog’s nails

Nail trimming is an important part of your dog’s regular care and should be done every three to four weeks.  You can have your vet or groomer trim the nails or do it yourself.  Most vets or groomers will be happy to show you how it is done.  If you have a dog that puts up a major struggle or is a biter, you may want to leave it for the experts to do.  It is important to start your dog off with regular nail trims as a puppy, so that this behavior can be avoided.  Not cutting your dog’s nails can result in a few different consequences.  Your dog’s nails may grow too long and curl under, puncturing the paw pad, causing pain and infection.  It can also cause your dog to walk off kilter, causing joint pain and general discomfort.  If you can hear a click clack as your dog walks across the room, that is a sign that it is time for a nail trim.  You want to be sure not to cut the quick, a vein inside your dog’s nails, or the nails will bleed.  It is easy to see the quick on dog’s that have light colored nails. but in a dog with black nails, you cannot see it at all.  If you are unsure of where to begin on your dog’s nail trimming, be sure to ask a qualified expert to show you how it is done.  If you are still not comfortable trimming the nails yourself, then a regular trip to the vet or groomer is in order to keep your pet’s nails healthy.