Scoop that Poop at the Dog Park!

With the bipolar weather in Georgia, we have to take advantage of the nice days for our pooches and venture out to the dog park when the weather permits.  I have noticed that, despite signs, a doggy clean up station, and free disposal bags, not everyone thinks that they should have to clean up after their dog.  This is not okay!  Some dogs may carry contagious bacteria in their feces.  This may spread to other dogs and cause an unnecessary trip to the vet where money must be spent, again, unnecessarily. Also, I do not want to step in poop and neither do my dogs!  Some people may see someone else not pick up their dog’s waste, and assume that it is okay for them not to do it as well.  Let’s all set a good example and prevent unneeded catastrophe at the dog park.  Please clean up after your pooch!