Pet Watcher vs. Kennel

As a pet watcher, I am often asked why people should leave their animal with a sitter rather than board them at a kennel. In my opinion, there are many reasons. In this post I will highlight a few of the benefits of hiring a pet watcher over boarding your animal.

Personal Relationships
As you probably know, pets can grow very attached to their owners. It is sometimes difficult for an animal to be separated from their owner and when an owner has to leave for an extended period of time a pet can experience depression and anxiety. Some symptoms of separation can be simple changes in behavior, waiting continuously by the door or refusal to eat.
I find that having a familiar person step in for the owner is a much easier transition for pets. In most cases, they have met the person before so they do not need to become accustomed to a stranger and, overall, personal care allows them to feel the comfort and love that is not present in most kennels.

Safety and Health
Some kennels offer limited personnel and care resulting in your pet not receiving proper attention or regard. But risks while boarding your pet do not end with the humans that run it. Being in close quarters with other animals that your pet has not previously had interaction with can lead to fear and even fights. It is not uncommon for an animal to get bit or scratched by a fellow habitant during their stay.
Kennels are also famous for spreading sickness. “Kennel cough” is a term often used to explain upper respiratory infections that dogs catch while boarding. Keeping your pet in the privacy of your home allows them to avoid being afflicted with sickness or other harm.

Hiring a pet watcher allows you to avoid the hassle of transporting and preparing your pet for a trip to the kennel. A pet watcher will come to you and cater to your special needs and schedule. Do you parent an animal with a special medical condition or have a young, energetic pup? A pet watcher will be able to serve any unique situation and save you the worry of leaving your pet at a kennel.
With a pet watcher you can also feel at ease that your home is being looked after during your absence. Owners that choose to hire a pet watcher over leaving their animal at a kennel note feeling greater ease and confidence while they are away.
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