10 Fun Facts About Furry Friends

We know the start of the week can be a drag, so to raise your spirits we put together this list of 10 fun facts about our furry friends. As a thank you, just pay it forward and share with a sleepy coworker. Happy Monday!

  1. A dog and their owner may seem like a match made in heaven, but the reason why is deeper than just selection. Studies suggest that dogs are subject to automatic imitation, which means they imitate what they see their owner do. Better be on your best behavior…
  2. Japanese researchers at Hiroshima University discovered that looking at pictures of baby animals makes people more productive at work. Makes sense. Haz you seen the lolcats?
  3. In evaluating dogs’ emotions, Sigmund Freud said, “Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate in their object-relations.” A possible explanation to why dogs are more emotionally mature than humans, although we’re not sure how we feel about biting people that we’re not fond of.
  4. Catmoji, a sort of Facebook for cats, was launched in Malaysia as the first social networking site of its kind. Hey, felines need friends too!
  5. Humans aren’t the only ones who should be making fitness goals this year. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention says about 53% of the dog population is overweight. And according to this article getting older (even in doggy years) is not an excuse…
  6. Dawg Grog is not slang for a sleepy pup, but the name of a beer brewed especially for dogs. There’s no alcohol but you should still monitor intake, you wouldn’t want your canine to be charged with a BUI (Barking Under the Influence).
  7. Bella was ranked by Discovery News as one of the top names in 2012 for both cats and dogs (#3 and #1, respectively). Looks like Vampire names are not just for babies.
  8. A personality study, titled the Gosling-Potter Internet Personality Project, confirmed that preferring cats or dogs is a result of personality. So we guess characterizing someone as a “cat lady” isn’t so far off, although who are we to judge?
  9. Although some owners are satisfied with teaching their dog sit and lay, others have higher expectations. Like handstands.
  10. And last but not least, you should know that even dogs get a kick out of photobombing.