Fun for your dog on a rainy day

Is your pooch used to running his little heart out in the backyard on a daily basis?  What happens when you get up, Fido is all excited to go out, you open the door and a torrential down pour is taking place?  Fido puts the brakes on and looks at you like you are crazy for thinking he wants to go out in that weather.  He does, however, want to run around the house like a maniac instead.  There are a few indoor activities that you may both appreciate for days like these.

1. Take the stairs.  If you have a flight of stairs in your home, consider going up and down rapidly to wear Fido out.  Warning: This may wear you out as well!

2. Hallway Fetch.  If you have a long hallway or basement with a lot of extra space, tossing the ball in these areas can be great fun.  It’s even better if you have another person who can join in at the opposite end of the hallway for a rousing game of keep-away.  You can also make it extra interesting by setting up an indoor agility course while your pup is going for a toy or ball.

3. Hide the snacks.  This is a favorite among canines.  Take a handful of small treats and hide them all around the house in various areas.  Your pooch will go crazy sniffing them out and will get rewarded each time that he does.

With these things, Fido is sure to be kept busy on a rainy day.  You may find the day goes by for yourself a little faster too!

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