Rabbit Hill Park, Ducula GA

Rabbit Hill Park Entrence

Rabbit Hill park, Gwinnett County

Rabbit Hill Park

400 Rabbit Hill Rd, Ducula 30019


Rabbit Hill Park is one of the newer parks in the Gwinnett County park system.  It covers 107 acres, has five soccer fields and some multipurpose fields. There is a 2.5 mile paved multipurpose trail. It has three dog parks, one for small dogs, one for large dogs and one all dog area.

The dog parks are very nice and of good size. They left the trees so there are nice shaded areas (but some owners think if their dogs defecate in the woods they do not have to pick it up). There is plenty of room for dogs to romp and play. There are water fountains for the dogs, agility equipment, and a nice sandpit for them to dig in.Map of Rabbit Hill Park

The only other problem that the dog park has is that it stays wet after a good rain. It can take 3 to 4 days for many areas to dry out. The multipurpose dog area stays wet most of the time and is not really very useful. The good news is that when I was out at the park this week there was a county employee taking pictures of the wet areas and they are planning to fix this.Open space at Rabbit Hill Park

From a dog’s eye, I rate this as a two wag, because they do have dedicated dog parks. However, they have nothing else for a dog to do: no hiking trails, no soft trails, and no lakes or streams for them to frolic in.

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