Sitter Preferences

This form will help the office staff match you with the pet(s) you are most comfortable caring for. It will also help us understand your level of experience in caring for different types of pets.

  • Tell us about the dogs you have owned, to give us a better understanding of your experience
    to understand how comfertable you are giving medication to a dog. Please check the options you have preformed and would feel comfertable doing to a pet in your care.
  • Have you ever owned or cared for a special needs dog. Please tell us about your experience.
  • Any experience from work or person life that will help you perform this job.
  • As an adult how many cats have you owned that you were responsible for all there care? Tell us a little about your cats. Please let us know if you can not handle cats.
    Please let us know if you are experienced and comfortable giving medications to a cat. We always have the owner show us how they give their pet medication.