Payment Options

Credit Cards


You can add a credit card to your PayPal account and make a payment using this link.



Not exactly a check, but pretty similar. You can link your bank account to PayPal and make payments directly from it.


Feel free to drop your check in the mail. Please address it to:
Gwinnett Pet Watchers
1115 Robert Pointe Way
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Leave for sitter

Feel free to leave your check out for the sitter and they’ll pick it up and turn it in.


Leave for sitter

Feel free to leave cash out for the sitter and they’ll pick it up and turn it in. Please do not mail cash.

Things to be aware of:


If you decide to use PayPal, please be aware that the payments aren’t applied to your account immediately. If your PayPal information (name, address, etc) doesn’t match what we have on file it can take some additional time for us to figure out who to credit for your payment.


You’ll need to pull up your invoices inside your account, or find an invoice that’s been mailed to you to make payments. You can only make payments from those specific areas. LeashTime is just funny like that.

Leaving checks for sitters

Our sitters generally only drop off their checks once a week, and the more people that handle a check the more opportunities for human error. If you’d like your checks to be processed faster than this, paying via PayPal or LeashTime is the best bet.